Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Autumn leaves

 We slept in after a late night celebrating and didn't feel like doing a hell of a lot so decided to go for a drive back into the hills behind Kamogawa to check out the autumn leaves. First stop was Kiyosumi Temple where I took this photo looking back out over the Pacific. While we didn't have perfect blue skies to light up the colours, we did have some clouds for dramatic effect.
 Someone's residence, built years ago and still going strong. The simplicity of rural Japan is a stark contrast to the high tech neon lit images associated with urban cities such as Tokyo which many visitors assume as the norm.
 A little further down the road and we saw this spectacular assortment of colours. We weren't the only ones stopping to take a closer look.
 It seems that the trees that lay in close vicinity to water often have the brightest colours and when reflected on the waters surface or combined with the gentle sound of a small creek trickling along the serenity is amazing.
 Another spot just a bit further down the road.
And finally, Yomogifudou waterfall. I saw a sign and followed it (along a very narrow one lane track/road) which lead to this nice little waterfall. The water was crystal clear and the pool at the base was very deep. It might be a nice place to visit in the hot summer months...


David said...

Very beautiful. A lovely time of year, it seems.

J said...

Yep, especially when the sun's out! It's starting to get a bit cooler these days.