Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beautiful Day

The sun was out and the waves were fun! I'm so stoked that my back is feeling better and improving day by day. Local legend Mikio Kawai paddled out with a waterproof camera and snapped this picture of me on a left. I was riding a board (the "Mackerel") that I borrowed from good friend and surfboard shaper, Junji Sonoda. It goes soooo good and I was having a ball.
Thanks Junji!
Thanks Kawai-san!


David said...

Great photo.

I can even recognise the silhouete!

Treat that back with respect - its doing its best for you!

J said...

Thanks dad. Giving it a good strtch these days before paddling out as well as morning and night stretches. I can still feel it, but the level of discomfort is managable.