Monday, October 4, 2010


This year's event was so much fun. All weather predictions flew out the window and we scored great weather and some of the best surf conditions I've seen for a contest here in Japan yet!
I was so stoked to make the final again this year...maybe a bit lucky perhaps, I don't know, but some good surfers missed out.Unfortunately I couldn't repeat the win from last year, but got second to one of my best friends and awesome surfer Kenji. We drew each other in the semi's as well and went 1,2 to both make the final. Then he reversed it on me to take the title for 2010 and was the deserved winner! Congrats on the win KENJI!!!!!!!


yamaya said...

It must be the boards you guys are riding!!!

J said...

yeah mate! magic sticks! Dave's boards 1, 2 finish! Sounds like Ferrari in the F1!

David said...

Congrats to you both!