Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hachijo trip: Pt 3

Hachijojima is dominated by two dormant volcanoes. Mihara-yama, the older of the two, is located to the south and has slopes lush with semi-tropical vegetation. It is also where the hot springs can be found. To the north lies Hachijo-Fuji, a perfect volcanic cone shaped mountain which does it's best impersonation of the real Mt. Fuji, but only stands 854.3m. The vegetation is far more sparse here and it is popular with sightseers for hiking. Aiko had been talking about wanting to climb the real Mt. Fuji this summer, but due to work scheduling and weather it didn't eventuate, so this was the next best thing.
Looking fresh faced and bushy tailed at the start of the track. these steps seemed to go forever on the way down!
We passed this 'Torii' or gate on the path up. Apparently there is a small shrine inside the crater but we didn't have time (or weather conditions) permitting to explore.
Aiko braving the conditions as we make our way to the summit.
The view (when the cloud parted briefly) looking down into the crater from the track that circles the top.At the summit. 854.3m was not so hard on the way up, but the steps were killer on the way down! And it was hot! Still, we are able to say we scaled Fuji-san this summer, albeit the mini version :)
The semi tropical vegetation lining the lower half of the track down.
We saw some animals on the way, too. This granddaddy goat was helping to keep someone's yard in check.There's actually a farm on the southern slopes! These cows seemed to really enjoy the slow island pace.

After climbing Mt. Hachijo-Fuji it was off to the hot springs.

More coming...


David said...

looks a great place.

Where is the island relative to the rest of Japan?

David said...

Also, How long, how wide is it?

J said...

45mins directly south of Tokyo/Chiba by plane from Haneda Airport and it's something like 65sqkm.

er said...

Aloha J. Cricket! :)

Many mahalos for the amazing blog.. I'm going to be back in Nippon this October to surf and visit friends in Chiba. We're looking into a 3 day visit to either Hachijo' or Niijima Is. Can you recommend one or the other for the surf, free diving, and local cuisine.

Maybe I'll see ya out in the lineup

Mate ne