Tuesday, October 5, 2010

K-SOS Photos

Behind the scenes in the judging tent.
Oguri Cap and Mizue-chan in the costume contest.
Boards lined up along the promenade.
Blue Men paddling into a wave.
3 beautiful ladies.
The politicians.
Chiaki-chan riding her way to 2nd in the Ladies Longboard behind Mizue-chan.
Me, Lina Kitazawa and Champ Inamoto
Mens Longboard Open finalists with contest director, Naoki.
Okonomiyaki Juju Ken riding in the finals.
Tsuji-san the daikon styling on this left.
Kentaro the Camerman in the costume section.
Mystery skull man Enishi!

Thanks to everyone whom I borrowed photos off of, especially Dave, Hiroko, and Enishi.

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David said...

Take care with the back.

Take pain relief and stay mobile and sensible.

What's the meaning of K-SOS?