Friday, September 10, 2010

Thanks Dave

Surf wise we got a little short changed from the typhoon weather system that passed over the other night. However, today I headed to Maruki point (north end of Kamogawa Bay near the hospital) with high anticipation of some back swell and a chance to unleash some turns. I had the car packed with a shortboard and a longboard, just in case, which was lucky as the swell was a little smaller that I had expected.

Good friend and colleague Dave was on hand with his new camera and snapped this pic today. (stolen from his blog)
Just wanted to say thanks for the picture as I was feeling pretty bad after my board got loose and ran him over earlier. Still feeling like a bit of a kook...but everything was OK, thank goodness. No dings to boards or bodies. Sorry!

Check out his BLOG HERE and see some of the cool photos he's been taking recently with his new camera and water housing, allowing him to take photos from in the water giving a really up close and unique perspective.
Feel free to leave a comment of support as he ventures into a long held dream, the realm of professional surf photography.


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