Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hachijo trip: Pt 2

Day 2
We woke to another beautiful day greeted by flowering Hibiscus outside our room and once we had enjoyed breakfast at the place we were staying, we decided to hit the surf again.
Today we did the walk around and long paddle out to Tacos point. The locals said it was better the day before but it was an amazing location and the waves were still fun. Apparently in double overhead typhoon surf it really comes to life and is the jewel in the crown of the local surf points. I was fortunate enough to see a decent size Sea Turtle (about 1m long) swim in front of me on the paddle out which was cool. Then it was back to town to satisfy the appetite all that paddling developed.
Lunch: The Kimchee Fried Squid and Shima Zushi (uses Japanese mustard instead of wasabi) were especially good.
After lunch we explored Hachijojima's Visitor Center. On display are a selection of the tropical plants that grow naturally and that are farmed on the island as well as an educational center which shows informative videos giving an insight into the marine life living in the surrounding waters as well as displays presented by local school children.
Here's me checking out some of the sea Turtles at the Visitor Center. They're about the same size as the one I saw while surfing Tacos in the morning.
Hanaka and me.
Some flowers.
Birds of Paradise are abundant.On our walk through the gardens we stumbled across this 'Island Cockroach'. He looks indestructible and ready for battle.
After the visitor Center we took a quick drive around Mt.HachijoFuji on a scouting mission for Day 3. On the way we came across this Monstera growing wild on the roadside and in the forest which fetches a good price in Tokyo. Maybe I should have tried to harvest some and sell it to pay for the trip!

Stay tuned for the next installment...

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