Sunday, September 12, 2010

More $$ than cents

I know this is Japan and that people are generally far more respectful of others property, but this is just stupid!
I don't know whose boards and wetties these were, but they drove nice cars with plates from Yokohama. They left all there stuff (about 15 boards & 10 wetsuit vests) out on the main beach boulevard, in the middle of Matsuri, when everyone is drunk (and opportunistic) on a Saturday night in summer.....and it looks like they got away with it!
I saw all the stuff when I came back last night about 10pm and took this photo about 5:30am this morning!
If it were anywhere else, you'd assume it was an insurance scam as without doubt someone would have found a nice 5 finger discount to put in their quiver and nobody in their right mind would be so foolish.

More money than sense!

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