Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mobara-Ichinomiya-Electrical storm

Lots of photos to wade thru from the Matsuri Festival held over the weekend and I just couldn't be bothered just yet. Still recovering. But they will come....promise. Here's a teaser...

Yesterday I had to go up to Mobara. Aiko had a meeting from 1pm and I was free until 5pm, after which, I joined a small 'otsukare' (job well done) party for the WinBe Summer camp of 2010. (I still have photos to post of that, too! I'm falling behind! Here's one of the bus as we ready to depart with the Kamogawa contingent)On the way up we drove through the hills and came across a field of flowers, Aiko asked me to pullover, so we did and took a couple of photos.

After I dropped her off it shot down to Ichinomiya for a quick surf. The sun was out and the water was warm, which was nice. However the waves were small and the water was brown. it felt like I was swimming around in a big pot of Barley Tea! It made me appreciate the water in Kamogawa all the more.The dinner party went well, lots of food and I was the designated driver (as I drank my fair share the previous day at Matsuri). On the drive home there was a huge electrical storm providing a very vivid version of mother nature's fireworks. It was non-stop for well over an hour and lit up the sky over the mountains. When we got home I took this picture from the balcony although it doesn't really do the whole thing justice. I guess you had to see it firsthand.
I hope everybody/thing was OK. There were a few planes flying around as they lined up their approaches to Narita and Haneda airports.

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yamaya said...

I was checking out that storm too! It seemed kinda late at night for fireworks, and as I was watching, it seemed like it would've cost a fortune! After a few minutes I realized that it was mother nature's ultimate display of energy! SAIKO!