Monday, April 19, 2010

While the cat's away...

I've been busy! A couple of days ago we had a wintry cold front that came through resulting in snow just north of here and a miserly 3 degrees for us in Kamogawa. With the wife away at the mo I decided to whip up a roast and stink up the house with the smell of meeeaaatttt. Actually didn't smell as much as I thought it would. The pork was lovely and tender and seasoned with rosemary from the balcony. I also through in some spuds, carrots and onion. Mmmmm....delicious.Then, as luck would have it, Sunday was warm and sunny so we busted out the BBQ and had an early birthday celebration for Dave's daughter, Mahina Ke Aloha. It was very small with just a couple of us but we ate a truckload! Wild Boar (Inoshishi), Scallops, Chicken Wings, Squid and Hot Dogs!Then today I went back to the hospital in Katsuura and had the Doctor yank out my pins. I wasn't sure what to expect and was anticipating some degree of pain, but actually it was pretty painless although I did feel a bit hot and queasy right after and needed some fresh air.....yeah, yeah...big pussy....I know.Step 1: Pliers and a good firm grip
Step 2; Yank! Camera shutter speed was delayed so I missed the action shot :(
And here they are, the 2 pins that held the bone in place while it healed.

According to the X-ray it all looks good. Just needs a bit of rehabilitation to get the movement back and it'll be as good as new. It was a beautiful day today so I took the scenic route home and snapped this picture looking back across Katsuura Bay at Katsuura township. I can't wait to get wet. My Doc gave me the all clear but be careful spiel and a friend hooked me up with waterproof bandaging until the two puncture holes have healed.

Thanks everyone for you help and patience over these last two months, especially my wife!

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David said...

Glad to know all is well with the finger.

Take care!