Monday, April 26, 2010

Shumatsu 週末 Weekend

Had a bumper weekend. It started with a long day at work Saturday (been a lot of those recently so luckily only two days of work this week and then Golden Week!!). Straight after work I ran past Jusco and picked up a bunch of beer to take round to my new neighbour's house as she was throwing a small house warming party. Eri had gone to a lot of effort to stock up on food from Costco and some friends whipped up some Gyoza which were really tasty. It was really cool to meet her sister and partner that were visiting from Sydney. Thanks for you hospitality Eri and I hope we didn't out stay our welcome!!

Then Sunday I had a surf in the morning before succumbing to tiredness and taking a nap in the arvo only to be woken by my wife's call from Hawaii. At first I thought something must be wrong...perhaps I got the dates mixed up for picking her up or something....but it was just to share the great news that she had finished her course. I was so stoked but couldn't really tell her as I was caught off guard and was still half asleep.
However, after a long sleep Sunday, my batteries were charged again and I was up at the crack of dawn Monday.I paddled out and had a nice relaxing surf, only small but the water was warm and the sun was out.
Then it was off to the hospital to see about rehabilitation for my finger. It's still very swollen and the muscle has shortened a lot so it needs a lot of stretching and manipulation.
Then finally tonight, I stopped by Donya to see my favourite chef in town, Ken-san. He made a special dish for me that's not on the menu. Two of my favourites, avocado and Aji (Horse Mackerel) sashimi. Arigatou Ken-san!!!! Sugoi oishiikatta!!!! Gochisoo-sama.

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