Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tateyama, about 35mins drive south of Kamogawa, is host to an old Japanese Castle situated in the grounds of Shiroyama Park. At the base of the hill is a large number of cherry trees which also line the path up to, and surrounding, the Castle itself.
From the top there is a nice view out over Tateyama and Tokyo Bay. This Sunday was particularly busy with people doing their annual 'Hanami' (Blossom watching) and the blossoms didn't disappoint. It is also a rather common tradition to picnic under the trees and drink Japanese sake and beer with friends and work companions. (Still a bit cold if you ask me) I guess it was probably the peak day of the year with regard to the amount and extent of the blossoming so we were fortunate to have the time to go and see for ourselves.


David said...

Roll on spring/ summer for you!

We went out to Raglan on Sunday - a glorious still day with clear blue skies. Temp in early to mid 20s. Heaps of surfers in front of the surf club. Gentle sets rolling in for the newbies. Heaps of people enjoying the last throes of summer, with daylight saving having stopped on Sunday morning.

I thought of you and wished you'd been there to enjoy it with me (though you would have been down there mixing it - I was on the cliff top overlooking it all, basking in the afternoon sun).

J said...

Wow! I guess with my finger the way it is I would've been stuck on the cliff too. Found out that I'll get the wires extracted (hopefully not too slowly or painfully) on the 19th! 2 weeks and counting...