Monday, December 7, 2009


Finally managed to get down to Tateyama and "Yamada Denki" to pick up my Sony Digital Camera which was in getting repaired. Sony not only fixed the faulty button but fine tuned it so that the pictures will be looking as flash as when I first got it!! Apparently there was something effecting the quality of the photos which I had wondered but put down to my imagination. Anyway, awesome service and all covered as within 12months of purchase. Stoked!

While there, I also forked out for a brand spanking new REFRIGERATOR!!!

The year-old models are almost half price on the latest models so we picked it up relatively cheap!! (But still one of the most expensive purchases I've ever made!!)

It'll be delivered to our new address when we move later this month.

Here is a pic of the 2010 model 426 liter Panasonic beast. Ours is the 2009 model and the same color as the one on the right with a nice sleek silver finish with a little product review.

Panasonic is among the leading electronics brands in the world. Panasonic has always introduced products with high quality and most innovative but user-friendly technology. Now Panasonic has introduced a range of refrigerators.

Panasonic refrigerators are a class apart from others. They are designed with most advanced technology which makes them unique. The Panasonic refrigerators have unique energy saving and food preservation technology. It results in more space, more energy efficiency and less material used.

Panasonic refrigerators are equipped with inverter technology which helps them perform better and also save money in the long term. To make best use of the energy, Panasonic refrigerators are designed to work on five power levels, in contrast of common refrigerators which work on only one power level. You can set your refrigerator to run on low power at night or at other times when it is less used. There is automatic system which adjusts power according to the usage. There is combination of features like inverter compressor, temperature sensor and microprocessor technology. These refrigerators provide the best cooling with minimum power consumption. These devices from Panasonic are given a rating of A++ with no frost technology. This is the highest ranking energy rating. In addition, these refrigerators run quietly at only 37 DB.

A built-in hygiene active system in this refrigerator fights odors and prevents the growth harmful bacteria.


David said...

very flash

J said...

You're alive! I was beginning to wonder...

The old fridge was just barely working with the freezer compartment unable to freeze ice cream! only good for chilling beer...hahaha

Alex said...

oh wow, fridges are so cool!