Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy weekends

It's that time of year when Year End Parties begin to roll around. Last weekend Grace surfboards had theirs and tonight it is the turn of "The Early Bird Surf Crew", a bunch of guys (and girls) that hit the beach early for a dawn session before work. I am invited purely based on previous years as this year I've been enjoying a more leisurely start of around 9am, hahaha. Should be fun, always is, and I'm looking forward to it. Better not go to hard as I've agreed to help friends (hopefully) finish painting their new house.

Last weekend was action packed, too. On the Sunday, I helped out a friend with his surf contest. They had epic head-and-a-half size waves in Wada with a few barrels pouring in all day. I didn't enter as I was there to help although I did squeeze in an hour or two surfing during the day with one memorable ride. The rest of the time I was moving stuff, setting tents up, doing time flags, entertaining kids and just kicking back in the unseasonally warm sunshine. Awesome contest, awesome people awesome time!!Then on Monday, before buying my new fridge, we helped paint a friends new living room. Very time consuming but satisfying to see the before and after shots. That's what I'll be doing more of tomorrow!
Hope you all enjoy your weekends, too...


Alex said...

that sapporo ad is the best!!! is it hanging on your wall???

J said...

nah, just one on the web. i think it's hanging in the sapporo museum up in Sapporo. there were a bunch of others too