Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The "EDDIE" Contest

The Eddie Aikau Contest looks set to run tomorrow (Wed Japanese time) with solid waves forecast. You can watch it live at home on your computer by following this LINK.

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary and is run in memory of local Hawaiian waterman, big wave surfer, lifeguard and sailor, Eddie Aikau. A hero of sorts for the lives he saved and the circumstances of his death as well as being known and respected for his huge "Aloha", this contest is run annually with a select list of invited surfers recognized for their skills in the big stuff. This contest is unique also in that it only runs when the surf is over 20 feet...Hawaiian!!! That's like 40 foot wave faces!!!!

Early this year when I went to Kauai in Hawaii, Aiko's Hula friend's husband took me round and introduced me to Chava Greenlee, one of the alternates for the contest and big wave charger. He was super mellow but showed me some photos of his surfing and that boy is nuts!! Some of the waves those guys surf are CRAZY and need some serious balls!
Chava signed this Eddie poster for me at his house back in February. Thanks Chava. Mahalo and good luck if you get the call up to paddle out!!


yamaya said...

you might wanna say that 20 feet is the way Hawaiians say 40 feet in wave face value.

J said...


David said...

I just watched Heat 2 - I see what you mean