Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handyman fun

Well, it's been sometime since I last picked up some tools and got around to making anything, but with the beach looking more like a lake I had time on my hands...

A surfboard rack to house the longboards.

Awhile back I inherited a rack from good friend Dave. It was constructed from PVC piping and very light and versatile and did the job nicely. However, after a facing the onslaught of a couple of typhoons, it was in a little disrepair. Hence the need for something new.

Due to the semi-exposed nature of the place it has to go, I needed something a bit more weighty and if possible shaded from the direct sun. So, I drew up a couple of plans and decided upon this one. It seemed simple and sturdy while providing the necessities.

It was off to the DIY store CAINZ HOMES where we bought some timber and screws for "Stage 1" of the project. After that I swung by Maki's and picked up a drill/screwdriver. Then it was all go!

The old guy at the store cut all the timber to size which simplified the whole process, so it was just a matter of laying everything out and measuring everything and marking the screw placement.

I drilled the holes first and then had to screw it all together. A piece of cake if you have a space like a garage/shed and clamps, etc. I was restricted to working on the balcony by the front door!

It came together nicely in the end. So well in fact that Aiko asked me if we could use it as a table!!! To which she got a solid NO.

The half finished rack

"Stage 2", building the roof/shade, will have to wait until the next flat spell. I had a lot of fun though, and although it wasn't quite perfect, it was very satisfying to complete it.


deki said...

looks good.

mum said...

Always knew you had great tech drawing skills. Good to see them being used. Well done.

David said...

I just had to come over to see it for myself! A nice job.

J said...

It's finished now. will post a pic once I get thru covering Dad's trip.