Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Surprise!!!

Turned 34 the other day!!! I had the day off from work so had a couple of surfs and went to see a surf flick at the local makeshift theater. Aiko was 'busy' apparently at work. After the movie Sei gave me a ride down to Donya Restaurant, where I began to be a little suspicious as we usually car pool, where Aiko had said she'd meet us.

Anyway, no give away signs from outside so we made our way in. Low and behold, there stood a graying version of myself!!!! I needed 3-4 takes before it sunk in that it was my DAD!!! So stoked to see him as it was just the second time he'd been to visit in Japan. I had absolutely no idea, so I guess it was great payback for the surprise I gave him for his 60th.

Aiko and Dad had been in contact for the last 2 months planning everything. It was definitely an awesome present. And Aiko had penciled in a sightseeing schedule for the week he was here. I'll post some pics of what we did shortly.

Awesome to get a short clip from my loverly nieces, Pippa and Holly, and nephew, Ben, back in NZ.

Thanks Liz and Brian for doing that!!


David said...

Don't know which one of us got the biggest thrill that night! Aiko and I were just so excited as we drove back from Narita to the restaurant, and I'll never forget the double take you did!! Thanks Aiko!

Mum said...

I nearly let the nes slip once so I decided to have no contact until after your birthday. It sounds like you all had a wonderful week. (you have to watch out for grab a seat!)

Liz said...

Sounds like a great week/birthday. we wish we could of been there to wish you happy birthday in person, although you do all look a little water-logged!