Friday, April 24, 2009

Izu Trip

As per ususal, we made our holiday getaway to the southern tip of the Izu Pennisula. A drive of about 4~7hrs, depending on traffic. Fortunately things weren't too bad this time round and we scored a perfect sunset and views of Mt Fuji as we drove through the Kamakura area.

Izu was it's usual beautiful self. We found our little beach that we always go to and set up camp in our car. As the surf wasn't really doing much we just chilled, walked around headlands, ate and generally just recharged the batteries. We drove over to the west side for the first time and did some touristy things, such as a boat tour through some caves and a short hike in the bush to a well-known waterfall before making our way home.

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David said...

I can see why Izu is a favourite haunt - it is very pituresque.