Thursday, April 30, 2009


The oldest and northernmost island in the main Hawaiian Island chain was probably my favourite of the three islands that we visited. It's just so laid back and lacks any of the commercial tourism that you find in Oahu. That lifestyle, coupled with the lush greens, from which it derives it's nickname as the "Garden Isle", and vibrant red earth make for amazing natural beauty, which means that I'll definitely be heading back here at some stage. My 2 days weren't enough but we managed to squeeze quite a bit in.

Day 1 landed at Lihu'e, got a Mustang Convertible and drove to Waimea Canyon, avoiding all the wild chickens on the way. Saw the Napali Coast. Came back via Kaua'i Coffee plantation, checked some of the beaches, including Po'ipu where we saw a wonderful sunset and then met up with some friends in Koloa for some killer spontaneous sushi rolls and they showed me some of their big wave boards before going back to the hotel near Nawiliwili Bay.


David said...

Waimea Canyon looks amazing. I imagine its grandeur might make one feel quite 'small' in comparison

J said...

Indeed it does. I've never seen the Grand Canyon in the US mainland, but this one was pretty impressive.