Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Island...

Shot down to Hawaii Island, otherwise known as the Big Island. While Kona, on the north western coast, is perhaps more well-known for it's coffee amongst other things, we made our way to the other side, flying in to Hilo and staying near the township Volcano, which funnily enough, is located by the volcano. It is also home to Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess and is of great significance for Hula, which shows it's appreciation through numerous chants, songs and dances.

Below is a shot of the volcano on dusk from the crater's rim. You can see the huge expanse of it. I wish I'd gotten there a bit earlier...Also, we did a short hike through the lava tunnels. This is the entrance....Above is Akaka falls.

My wife was studying an an intensive hula course and this is just a shot of them as they finished and made their way to the back of the property where we were. And the last picture is of a super delicious meal had up at the restaurant in Volcano to celebrate the end of the week. (dining with mostly women had it's advantages in that I got to cleanup everyones plates!)

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