Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hokkaido Crabs

I managed to squeeze in a quick surf in front of the Grand Hotel in the morning before we got together with a bunch of friends that Aiko hula dances with for our New Year party. As is the way in Japan, seasonal food was the call and we ordered some crabs from Hokkaido for the do. They are something else! If you ever get the chance grab it. These suckers were the business!! Messy eating but fun by all and a great experience for all the kids running around the place who learned how to extract the fleshy meat and dip in the juicy juices.


David said...

Fierce-looking creatures, I think. Does the flesh have much of a taste, or is the main taste in the sauces? Are the sauces from the body juices or are they separately prepared?

J said...

They vary by species considerably. Some have a disticntly strong taste while others have the more classic mild taste. the sauces were fantastic too and go great mixed with hot sake!