Friday, May 27, 2011

A Job Well Done お疲れさま!

I've had these Brooks running shoes for probably near on 10 years!
 Admittedly they haven't exactly been over burdened with excessive use, but they've done the job extremely well. Recently however, the soles have started to break apart and the cracks have worsened as the years take their toll. It's about time I replaced them, but finding shoes in my size in Japan is easier said than done. Last weekend my wife and I were in the city and went to the Nike outlet store in Makuhari, near Chiba. I managed to find 3-4 different models in my size, a real luxury of choice, and settled on these.
 With any luck they'll help motivate me to get out a little more often and lose some of that winter layer that's built up this year. I figure that if my sister can have three kids and still run around lakes doing Contact Women's Triathlons, I should at least be able to run around the block once or twice.

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