Thursday, May 5, 2011

鴨川市チャリテーイベント Charity Event in Kamogawa: PHOTOS

 These girls danced beautifully and chanted with great confidence. They also looked great in their skirts which were hand made and printed by the girls themselves.
 The LUANA Hula dancers were great and seemed to enjoy putting all their hard work practicing to the test on a stage. Well done!
 LUANA Hula team
 My support crew.
 Others to take the stage included this lady (above) who played the 'euphonium' in a duet with accompanying piano. It was a throwback to when I was in Junior High School and played one, especially having to lug it around on the crowded school bus and 1km walk home in the summer heat! There was one very BIG difference however, she could play it extremely well and had the people watching captivated, not running for the door.

There were also some Tahitian Dancers led by their exuberant teacher, Saori, which drew a big crowd in their coconut outfits!

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Looks like a great show!