Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Action Packed Weekend!

 The sun was shining Sunday and the weather was perfect for the outdoors. Winter is well and truly behind us finally and summer is knocking on the door! It would have been a travesty not to have made the most of the day, so my wife rallied the troops and we headed to Kuro Taki Koen (Black Waterfall Park) in Wada. The road in is narrow and windy, but it's only a short drive and is relatively unknown which means that you don't have to deal with oncoming traffic much, if at all. While the girls did a little Hula practice, the boys entertained themselves with soccer, frisbee, bug hunting and a flying fox. We had a bit of a picnic, played some dodgeball and then went for a quick walk in the bush to the waterfall and took a group photo to remember the occasion with.
 The boys.

 Flying fox fun for young and old.

 This shade tent could be yours for less than $10!
 Other park users playing frisbee.
 Happy campers.

 On Monday, Aiko and Sei were keen for a surf. The waves were super small and there were only a few people out. Dave was tearing up the little lefts on his shortboard, then went in, grabbed his waterhousing and camera and took these photos of Aiko on the set of the day and me cross stepping to the nose. Thanks mate!

All in all, it was a great weekend! Fingers crossed there are more of the same all summer long!


Alex Leonard said...

Nice one James. Wow I love the hills of Boso Hanto. Was Dave really tearing it up on his shortboard? That I have gotta see!

J said...

He makes you and me look like old men!

Anonymous said...

Is this the star of the acrobatics i mentioned?? Mum