Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who are The Marshall Brothers?

I was wondering who these Americanos were surfing in front of Nonkey late last year. Some guys from Tokyo out for the day with their logs I figured. Turns out they come from Malibu, L.A. in California and are readily recognized for their nose riding abilities at First Point, Malibu! I stumbled upon one of the guys photos in a local surf mag I was flicking through at the store and remembered his face, googled his name and saw some of the pics from that day on a website 'secretpoint.' I guess they have their own company 'Firstpoint!', too. Anyway, they were just goofing around having a laugh and getting some photos/video but obviously made an impression as a few of the locals asked about them, assuming (since they were foreigners) they must have been friends.
Chad Marshall

Trace Marshall

Colton Skips School from jake burghart on Vimeo.

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