Sunday, March 20, 2011


 A few weeks back, my father in-law, an avid 'BONSAI' enthusiast, made the trip to Tokyo with his wife to see a display of the top bonsai from the Pacific. The majority naturally were from Japan, but there were a few entrants from Taiwan and Hawaii as well. We tagged along and got to see and experience some true Japanese culture first hand. For me, the image of bonsai trees epitomises the extreme pride and care that the Japanese take in presentation. The detail is amazing. Some of the trees were well over 100 years old and had been passed down the generations from grandfather to father to son.  Definitely worth seeing once!
Me at the entrance. No cameras inside!

 The Bonsai event was held in Asakusa, a popular tourist area and one that boasts a pagoda and temple as well as a street selling traditional wares. It seemed like everyman and his dog was there. Good thing I'm tall enough to breath easy amongst the throngs.

Contrast between new and old with the new Sky Tree nearing completion in the background.
 After checking out Asakusa we went looking for a MONJAYAKI restaurant and came across this one, owned by a well known comedian. Osaka is famous for Okonomiyaki, a kind of savory pancake, but Tokyo has a different version of it called Monjayaki, which is almost impossible to describe. It's far from appetizing when you cook it but it tastes great, especially with an ice cold beer!
Outside the restaurant.

Signed spatulas from famous guests adorn the wall.

Looking forward to Tokyo cuisine.

Before it's mixed and cooked on the hot plate.
 After a late lunch we made our leisurely to Ginza. Ginza is where the big European brand stores are located and where the well-heeled shop. Only window shopping for me.
In front of the most expensive piece of real estate in Japan!


A common night scene on a back street with drinking holes under the train tracks.

 A hot coffee and a chance to reflect on an interesting day in the city with the family before busing home across the Rainbow Bridge in the Tokyo Bay.

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Anonymous said...

The bosai look amazing. Great patience. good to see the spring flowers out but you are all still wearing winter clothes!! Mum