Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stage 2: Christchurch Appeal

 There has been a lot going on in this little old world of ours and while everyone here still sympathizes with what the people of Christchurch have been through and continue to go through, our attention has been abruptly bought to our own backyard following the huge Tohoku Earthquake on March 11th which was subsequently followed by the devastating Tsunami and the Nuclear Power Plant drama unfolding as I write this.

As a result, I felt it only right that the donation boxes that I had placed around town be collected early so that Japanese can focus on their own disaster relief fundraising. After much thought about whether to put the donations collected toward the Japanese Cause or not, it was decided that people had donated to Christchurch, New Zealand and that those same people would no doubt donate to Japan. It was not a decision I made lightly and I took on advice from several friends with vested interests.

Again, it was a fantastic effort by one and all and we managed to raise ¥83,600 which amounts to about $1,300NZ which is amazing!
Donations made and collected at Kamogawa supporters stores and school.
That makes a GRAND TOTAL of ¥355,144!!! 
or just over $5,500NZ
The receipt for ¥83,600 to Red Cross Japan
 I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all those companies and individuals that supported me in this effort.

I hope the local people get in behind and support their businesses, too.

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