Friday, December 3, 2010


NZ may not be famous for to many traditional dishes, instead borrowing the best of both worlds and creating a lot of really cool 'fusion' dishes. But, it can lay claim to the Pavlova.
One of my good friends through school always used to have the sickest Pavlovas in his fridge as his dad's company was one of the leading makers in NZ at that time. They were also experimenting with various recipes suitable for the American market which we occasionally got to try out. I remember at my Gran's 8oth, I had just got my drivers license and was sent around the block in her vintage car to go and pick up the Pavs from a friend who'd been busy cooking them especially. They were SOOO GOOOD! You can't beat a good Pav with fresh cream, seasonal fruit and chocolate shavings on top. I wonder if she'll have them at her 100th?


Anonymous said...

You can have a pav when you come to NZ in January. Mum

J said...

cool! with the chocolate shavings and fresh whipped cream and kiwifruit?