Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Winding down

It's that time of year again. School has two more days of classes for 2010 and then it's a much earned break. Year end parties are sprouting up everywhere and of course there's X'mas. I finally got a couple of X'mas cards sent away to NZ/Germany today, so no doubt they'll be a little late (sorry 'bout that). As for X'mas day....I have a dentist appointment at 9:30 in the morning. Nothing serious though, I hope, but it may curtail some of the regular Christmas goodies that I can eat that day :(

Last Sunday a few people from work got together for a bit of a Year End party in Mobara (half way between here and Tokyo). It was more or less the same bunch of people that partook in the Summer Camp earlier in the year. It also meant that I had to ride the train! It was actually the first time in about a year (since Amanda visited) that I've ridden the train which is unheard of for most people living in Japan. Anyway, I got a bit carried away and took a few photos amongst all the downtime.

 The 'View' is the express train from Tokyo.
 Looking north from the platform.
 Me waiting for the train to depart. Traveling light with the bag my dad gave me for X'mas last year.
 JT doing their best to help teach smoking etiquette to the 'bad smoker'

 Face off.
 A deserted station in Katsuura on the way home.
 Look out! Here it comes. Our train home.

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