Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fantastic Weekend!

Perfect weather Sunday and Monday with temps in the 18-19 degree range meant for a perfect weekend at the beach.
We woke up early on Sunday as we were giving friends a hand with their annual user's surf contest (JS SURFBOARDS) which was held down in Wada. The sunrise was picture perfect and when we got to the surf point this is what greeted us.
There were fun peaks up and down the beach which were breaking really good, especially on the lower tide.
There was a great turn out and the surfing level was very high across all classes with one guy even scoring a perfect 10 point ride in the semis!
Yoge-san, a surfer/skater/artist/photographer, drew some art on a special award for the biggest impact.
Then on Monday, I spent most of the day out long boarding at Seaside with friends. Dave and his family were down there and he was taking photos and snapped these two of me. The first, a close-up of a hang-five looking back at the beach is super cool. I really like the perspective, a little different from the point and shoot from the beach angle.
The second is this cruisy hang-ten. I don't often get good nose rides, so Dave was on his game to capture the moment. (Thanks buddy)
 Shu was there too and his camera firing away as well.
Thanks everyone for the good times (and the photos) this weekend. I had a blast!


David said...

Nice pics!

J said...

thanks dad! A sunny day makes all the difference! it's freezing out today!

Alex said...

love that close-up!

J said...

distinctive beak sillouette...hahaha