Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly Wrap

We've had waves this week!!! Here's a pic I took down at Maruki to the right of the car park. It was good to see an old friend Take-chan who was visiting with Yoshino-san in search of waves. Finally the sand seems to be coming right here which means that the crowds have more options and the numbers at each point are thinned out a little
Last Saturday I tried to make a 'POKE' salad. I had a rough idea of how to do it after watching a friend whip one up a while back. Fortunately there was some discounted Maguro (Tuna) at the store so I grabbed it and this is how it turned out.
It had nothing on my friend's POKE but was still pretty damn good!! I'm gonna try to make it again next time I find some good discounted fish and maybe I'll try to add a little chili pepper to spice things up....stay tuned.

There was a small wave at Seaside on Monday with hardly anyone out. It looked pretty fun but in reality there was a nasty little warble on most waves and the power was gone which made things a little frustrating. Luckily I was riding a longboard so I was still able to enjoy it, especially when the sun came out.

After that, I took a drive down the coast hoping to enjoy the beautiful afternoon and a potentially great sunset. We got to sample some of the early spring flowers along the 'Flower Line' but unfortunately a late afternoon haze swept in and we couldn't see across the bay to Mt. Fuji. Still, a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon nonetheless.


David said...

Enjoying the comfort of the new 'wheels' no doubt.

J said...

Sure am. Not just me, but Aiko, too.