Monday, February 8, 2010


Aiko and I both had a free weekend, which was a first for awhile, and decided to take the new car for a drive, try out the navigation system, and check the new 3D movie AVATAR.We decided to go across Tokyo Bay, via the Aqua Line Tunnel, to Kawasaki. It's only about 80km from Kamogawa so it didn't take that long. Kawasaki is a pretty big city with a large port area filled with industrial sites and warehouses as you approach from the bay side and has a big bustling city scape surrounding the main station. We had a work seminar there a couple of years back and I can vouch for it having a pretty active night life, too.

We saw the movie at 109 Cinemas which is located in "Lazone", a large shopping and entertainment mall housing a huge variety of eateries, with food from Japan (including Hokkaido and Okinawa specialist restaurants), Korea, India, China, NY Diners, California Pizzerias, etc, etc. We ate Hawaiian style Loco Moco with BBQ shrimps and hamburger steak which we washed down with a glass of beer...arghh...oishikatta!!

AVATAR was pretty cool. We had hoped to see it on the IMAX screen but unfortunately every session was sold out so we settled for the 'EXPAND' screen. The graphics were amazing!!!And the 3D effects were good, giving it a nice touch, but less accentuated than I had expected, although on a bigger screen perhaps they're further enhanced. The storyline was a tad predictable following the "David V's Goliath" theme with the underdog overcoming the odds, while the 'unobtainium' mineral, that was the basis for the conflict in the movie, was pretty lamely named. But, overall, it was pretty enjoyable.

There's a lot one can read into it with a strong moral issue running through the film that most people will be able to associate with, especially those with an environmentally minded outlook on life. It also seems to borrow a traditional Hawaiian belief that energy exists in all living things which is a reason Aiko had been keen to see it.

One theory that I heard/read somewhere was that it depicts USA invading Iraq for it's oil??? But like I said, a lot can be read into it and it's pretty open to interpretation from various angles. See it? Well, if you've got some spare coin in your back pocket and time to spare (it's almost 3 hours long) I'd recommend it solely for the graphics alone. The story, too, leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense that the good in life will always prevail. DO IT!!


David said...

Had you caught up with the fact that the Avatar language is based on Maori?

J said...

yep, but it doesn't sound much like it to me.