Tuesday, November 24, 2009

$1 SUSHI !!

Well, without a car, our options for dining out are a little more limited than before. However, just 5 mins walk from my place is Kappa Zushi!! This place sells sushi for $1 a plate!!! Although you don't get to select the fish you want from those swimming around in the tank and watch as the chef fillets it in front of your eyes and serves it up as the tail still flaps around on the chopping board, it is only a fraction of the price. They have a wide selection and apart from the crab which is often a little watery, as if it's just been defrosted, the fish is fresh and tasty. I always go for the Toro Salmon, which is the fatty part of the salmon. But I also like the 'aji', horse mackerel, and the 'ebi', shrimp, with avocado and onion. They opened up in Kamogawa about a year ago I guess and it has proven very popular with locals and tourists alike. I took Dad there on his last night when he was here last.
Last night Aiko and I went there for dinner and it hit the spot after a fun afternoon trying SUP (stand up paddle surfing) at Seaside with Masato Watanabe, local pro surfer and big wave charger.

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