Monday, November 30, 2009

Morning Surf

The rain cleared away after falling constantly through the night and the wind swung round to the northwest grooming the swell from the low pressure. There were fun lefts and rights with the swell looking like building slowly from typhoon Nida far to the south. early morning there were the regulars out, Ken-san from Donya, Oguri and Mizue-chan from Rulez Peeps, Sakuma-kun from Waicoco Surfshop and Kentaro, Suhara-san and Naoki from Grace. Super low-key and mellow compared with the dog fight down the beach with everyone getting some fun ones.Thanks for the photo on the Grace Wave Check Blog Kentaro. (check links)

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J said...

Was stoked when I first saw this pic. Then I looked a bit more closely and saw that father time has been catching up on my board and that it looked quite yellowish in contrast to the whitewater on the wave :(