Saturday, November 7, 2009

Luana Hula Girls

Aiko and a select few from her team performed at a charity event held in Kamogawa, run and organized by some local guys. Not a bad effort for their first effort and I'm sure they'll build on it next year and be sure to make a real go of it. They made these fliers (above) to advertise it but could have done a bit more to raise awareness. There was definitely a lot of potential for a really fun event with lots of people.

There were all sorts including a bunch of guys DJing, rapping, dancing and playing the steel drums. A real diverse group with a strong emphasis on reggae. Not quite sure how Hula got invited to attend, but in fact it actually went off really well and the girls all seemed to have fun despite the chilly wind.

It was an interesting locale, situated across from the Josai University gates on top of the hill in Futomi, just south of Kamogawa itself. I was busy scouting it as a BBQ option for next summer!! I got some video, took some photos (before the camera went on the the the store to get it checked soon) and had a great time looking after the kids with Mizuki! It was cool to be up on the hill with a nice outlook for a change and backed by natural green bush and trees, it made for a pleasant setting.

Well done girls!!!

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