Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The weather turned on and there were waves again for this year's K-SOS surf contest. A local contest wherein all the local surf shops combine to put on what is definitely one of the best, most fun days of competition. This year's organizing committee did a fantastic job in rallying support from sponsors and volunteers and attracting good fields in many age and surf categories. As usual, the 'Kasou' or costume event provided lots of entertainment and as the tide filled in and the finals came up, the MC's had everyone on edge with there witty comments and encouragement of surfers throwing caution to the wind and pulling into shore break barrels.Jun the 'RASTA MAN'
The SUPER KIDS deserve a special mention. They are AMAZING!!!! Young grom Takumi took out the title this year and surfed with a repertoire and skills way beyond his age but was pushed all the way by his peers.

For myself, I came down with a bad earache 2 days before the event which spread to my throat and sinus. I was umming and arghing whether to participate or not. Perhaps a wiser man would've stayed in bed, but I had really been looking forward to this contest as I don't usually enter many contests and had lots of mates involved. I managed to sneak through my first round with a win, snatching a decent score on the buzzer. Then struggled through the semi which I won despite surfing well below par. After that semi I just about fainted and felt like %!&$. I was about to pull the plug and fore go the final but after some time in the shade and lots of liquids, buoyed by the surf action in front of me, the energy from the spectators watching on and the classic MCs, my condition stabilized somewhat.Above, the crowd watching events unfold. Below, pre-final photo
By the time my final came around, the waves were breaking right on the shore, which meant less paddling which suited me. It was a bit dodgy at times riding some of the waves onto dry sand but somehow I managed to sneak away with the win.!!! STOKED!!!!

The prize giving was classic with Dave, my co-worker as well as a former winner and now PRO, presenting me with the trophy. The trophy is really cool and will take pride of place in the living room as it's the best surf contest result I've ever had!!
Thanks to everyone involved in the K-SOS which made this day so special!!!


Alex said...

woo, james-zoo!

David said...


I hope you are recovering well from the infection.

Again, wow!!


Anonymous said...

Well done. Neat trophy.