Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chasing Rainbows!

With a forecast typhoon on the maps with swell models showing building size and sighting some promising looking swell pushing in to some beaches/reef points just north of here on Sunday, I went in search of some of that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

With good friends Dave and Jun up for it, we headed south... Perhaps we jumped the gun a bit because despite clocking up some km's and checking both some semi-secret spots as well as better known places, we came up empty.

It was however a pretty funny day given all the rain. Any surf point check involving getting out of the car resulted in what basically amounted to an instant shower!
And driving became both a little hazardous (especially for people walking on the sidewalk) and entertaining as huge plumes of water would spray on to and over fences and into people's yards as well as oncoming traffic. There was tons of surface flooding and it's expected to continue today with more heavy rain forecast. (pic:yahoo.co.jp)

BTW, got back to Kamogawa, dropped the boys off and swung by Seaside on the way home to find fun, clean (but lumpy) head-high waves with only a few out. Good for washing off a days driving.


David said...

I have heard a bit about the flooding and disruption in central / southern Japan. Trust you are fine and Aiko's family all ok too

J said...

yep, we're all good. There have been a few quakes but the one near here was only 4 or so on the riechter. I was driving at the time so I missed it. Enough to give Ai-chan a fright though!