Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach day and Donya

Had a really nice cruisy day at the beach with good friends the Nakashima's. Managed to get a bit of a tan and quick surf after spending the morning fixing dings on 2 of my boards (HOT work sanding in the sun!!)
Then we were all famished so decided to go to Donya for dinner. Great to see Ken-san and his family again. They've been pretty busy both at work and surfing! Ken-san was showing off his latest pic, taken by Shu, which looked awesome!!
We ate a bunch of dishes to warm-up including fried squid, poke salad, and sashimi. Then i tried a new dish (oysters in american eggplant grilled with cheese and some seasonal veges with a basil sauce) which was killer!!
Aiko went for her fav, the Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, which always goes down well.
Mizuki and Kona even dressed up to impress!


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