Monday, May 11, 2009


I visited the fabled Unajin restaurant in Wada with a student of mine, Yukio. He's Tomoko's cousin, who, by the way, is back living in Kamogawa after a short stint in Tokyo that didn't really work out .... Too far to the beach for Hokuto :)

I dined here with family as guests of Hokuto and Tomoko following my wedding.

On the menu was the river eel, from which the restaurant gains it's name and fame. Looked so good that I ate it all before realizing that I had the camera with me. Stupid!!

Anyway, I had the grilled eel on bamboo skewers with wasabi that was as delicious as always. Yukio ordered the same , only with a 'tare' or Japanese sweet marinate sauce. Both were killer!Also on the menu was 'yakitori' or BBQed chicken on skewers. We ate the wings (see pics) and also ordered some good ol' kumura fries with butter.Great spot for a night out with great hospitality from the staff and interesting unique Japanese styled rooms with collections of odds and ends

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