Monday, May 4, 2009


Cherry Blossom season is upon us!!!! (well actually it was mid-April)
This generally a really beautiful time of year when all of the Sakura trees blossom. You can always find a nice tranquil spot somewhere to just lay down and relax.

However, this is not top of everyone's agenda with a lot of people opting for the "Hanami" party/picnic. It's not uncommon for company's new recruits to be sent to a nearby park to scout out a decent tree and lay claim to the surrounding area by placing a big picnic sheet. Co-workers follow later, once their work is complete for the day, and bring the food and drinks. lots of it!!

I've yet to join such a typical party but we often gather at friend's houses that are lucky enough to have a Cherry tree in their yard and we BBQ. Last year was at Shinya's, the plan for this year's was Jun's, but due to unforseen circumstances, we moved it to Dave's.

Good times had by all!

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