Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kamogawa Surfers Representing

It's been a successful last month or so for Kamogawa surfers in domestic contests. Masato Watanabe took honours in the Volcom Sashimi Series Event held in Kamogawa with three locals in the Final. 
1位 渡辺将人 Masato Watanabe(VOLCOM)
2位 北浦 俵太 Hyota Kitaura
3位 ホプトン・スミス Hoptong Smith
4位 中浦章 Akira Nakaura
Miho Ihara had a great season on the Women's JPSA Short board Tour and was recently crowned Grand Champion. Also deserving mention are Hiroe Tahara (4th) and Rina Kitazawa (6th). 

In the Men's JPSA, a couple of young guys got their Pro Licences (Aoi and Hiroki) and the rest of the boys put in consistent performances throughout the season to secure good seeds for next year.

On the Long Board scene, Yocci won an event @ Niijima and Hiromichi placed 3rd. 

Mizue Oguri placed 2nd in an ASP WLT event held in Miyazaki and the got her Pro License @ Keramas in Bali at the last JPSA Event of the Year. 
 Congratulations EVERYONE!

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