Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Autumn Monday

 Aiko made a special 'lei' for Mizue to celebrate her great accomplishment! Onward and upward from here Mizue-chan!!! Good luck for the 2012 season!!
 Sei and Aiko
 Aiko and I don't have many "couple shots" as one of us is usually taking the picture. Thanks Sei for taking this.
 Autumn leaves are just starting to change colour. In another week or so the colours will be even brighter. It's a beautiful time of the year to go up into the hills surrounding Kamogawa.

 Beauty lies in even the smallest of things. You just need to keep an eye open and explore!
 Sunset driving back into Kamogawa
 Shore break reflecting some of the last rays of sunshine for the day.
 A rare shot of me in jeans. I've had these jeans foe about 15 years!!!! They still look kind of new. Hahaha
Kamogawa sunset.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Mum

J said...

Thanx mum! Hope the spring weather in NZ is as good as our autumn here in Japan.