Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nabe (鍋) Party

Sei, Me and Aiko
Sunday was a classic spring day, fairly warm and windy, and enticing for people to get outside and do something! While I was hell bent on trying to get a surf in and playing the waiting game with the winds and the tides,  Sei, Aiko and a friend visiting from Tokyo, Hiroko, went for a drive down the coast and a hike up into the hills overlooking Wada. All the new spring growth was abundant and the Yamazakura, or mountain cherry trees, were doing their thing, too.
After a busy day exerting themselves, the girls were keen for some good food and drinks. They went down to the store, bought a bunch of fresh veges, chicken and beer, then had ourselves a small NABE Party!
Thanks for the good times Sei and Hiroko! I hope you guys weren't feeling too hungover for work on Monday....  :)

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