Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raglan & Ruapuke

We woke up at the crack of dawn and drove thru the dark full of anticipation of scoring some fun sized lefts on the famous points of Raglan before they disappeared with the forecast for a dying swell. Pulling up to the headland overlooking the beach and with great views of the points from Manu Bay all the way to Outside Indicators...we were fully bummed, especially Ken who had been so eagerly anticipating riding the long long lefts.

 FLAT! The stunning, yet disappointing view out over the infamous point breaks of Raglan

Time for plan B....Ruapuke. Ruapuke is another 30 mins or so drive around the base of Mt. Karioi and is situated on a far more exposed part of the coast so usually offers up a wave when other spots aren't co-operating. The road there is a narrow gravel/dirt road that is/was(?) used in the Rally NZ race, part of the World Rally Championship Tour, so is an adventure in itself. It is still such a rare piece of untouched coast, with nothing but sheep and rabbits for company. We scored a couple of fun waves, even managing to get a little shack, but not what we'd been hoping for when we started off the day.  With the swell dying and the tide filling in we headed back into town for some Fish and Chips kiwi style.
 The road down to Ruapuke beach with Mt. Karioi in the background.
 Nobody. Nothing. Pure NZ!
 Smile! The sun's out and there are waves. Go surf!

 Watch out!
 Surveying Whale Bay on the way back into town
 Fish and Chips on the grass by the harbour with a Steinlager to wash it down. Sweeeet!
 Above: Aiko enjoying the sun and warmth. Below: Ken finally scoring a long left.

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