Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Christchurch was devastated by yet another earthquake today. And while it's magnitude may have been less than the one that struck last year, the relative depth (only 5km) and proximity shook buildings to the ground! My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the city and of course my close friends and family. When I was there in January, the city was still recovering from the last quake and many buildings in the central city were boarded up and undergoing repairs. It must be heart wrenching for those victims to have to go through it all again. As further news breaks, it paints a terrible terrible picture, one where fatalities are inevitable. It's so hard to fathom from afar, but our sympathy goes out to all that have suffered in these traumatic times.

 Me with my Nana and Uncle earlier this year. Hope you guys are OK!
 Damage to my Uncle's chimney from the first earthquake. I hope no-one was standing below it this time!
 Aiko, I and a friend's son standing in front of the Christchurch Cathedral, which was toppled in today's quake.
 Historic buildings damaged the first time around are in ruins now.
Punting on the Avon in more tranquil times.


J said...

Word is that Nana and my Uncle are OK, however very shaken up. Still waiting to here about friends. My fingers are crossed that they're OK, too. Unfortunately there are scores of less fortunate souls that have perished in collapsed buildings and the like. The rescue efforts continue relentlessly. They are doing a fantastic job and I have only praise for their bravery and efforts. Being distanced from the events leave one feeling a sense of uselessness. I wish there was something more I could do to help.

KP said...

just your positive thoughts and prayers mean the world to your friends and family! keep the strength!

Anonymous said...

Whoever took that middle photo is a legend of a photographer. In fact I'd go so far as to say just a plain legend.

Appreciate your thoughts, stuff of nightmares. So pleased your uncle and nana are ok. Let us know if we can help them in any way. Thinking of all those heartbroken families.

J said...

Hayley (is it really you? or the photographer lurking behind a pseudonym?), glad to hear you guys are fine. that kid in the middle of that middle picture is a bit of a legend as well. hope he's able to sleep ok and get thru days without too much stress.