Thursday, August 5, 2010


As per usual, I was working this day. It seems there is some kind of conspiracy to not run these events on a Sunday....Oh well, what can you do?

We handed out FANS! That's what we did! 500 of them! Actually it was pretty easy work and they went like hot cakes as they out classed the rival AU fans and it was a rather warm night. With any luck we might get some business from it, if not then at least we raised the profile of the school and got our name and face out there.

A lot of students had to study through the din but a lot of others got to enjoy the festival. (A-chan had to study, Y-chan got to party. I know who I'd rather be.)

My lesson at that time was still in Australia on a 2 week home stay so I had a free period. Once I was done with the fans I headed to the roof and snapped these photos. A lot of people had vantage points from far away to avoid dealing with the traffic, parking and people down by the beach.

Every year the show runs for an hour, 7:30~8:30, so once I had officially finished for the day I ran across the street, purchased a couple of ice cold Sapporo Beers and then Aiko and I headed down to beach to see things from the front row for the last 10-15 minutes or so. It was even better close-up and the boulevard was packed with people and stalls selling festival foods. I saw lots of our fans in use which was good, too. Pics from the beach.


Anonymous said...

It looks really spectacular. Mum

J said...

Yeah, it was. It's hard to get the fireworks photos looking good, timing is everything (and a tripod would definitely help stabilize the shots).
Still, not too bad :)