Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Had a cruisy Sunday with some warmer weather so it was off to JoyFul Honda in Kimitsu and their expansive gardening section. Actually, Aiko was looking for some things for her Hula, but I was busy eying-up the garden section. So many things on offer with a variety of herbs, veges and fruit vines and trees including Kiwifruit!! Unfortunately, I only have a limited space on my balcony so we settled for some Spring Onions and Coriander seedlings and when we got home we potted those and planted some seeds I kept from the last of the Okra harvested from last summer. Hopefully they take seed and we'll have plenty this summer, too.

While there, I saw this woman on her bike and couldn't resist a photoIt's pretty funny I thought. There are so many 'Freudian slips' on T-shirts but this is telling it straight!I guess, if nothing else, you know what to expect...classic.

After that we swung by Uniqlo and I got a couple of work shirts and finally, we stopped by the Odoya Supermarket in Emi, just south of Kamogawa, and picked up some of my favorite Kimchee (Thanks Yukio!! Your mum makes the best Kimchee!!) and headed over to friends for dinner, Soy Milk Nabe!!! Oishikatta!! While there, I helped fix his garage door which just needed a little fine tuning (English manual...but still confusing, hahaha).

Roadside trees in blossom...


David said...

I just checked out Daves online mag Kamogawa Power and read the credits on the photos and noted the "up and coming" featured photographer - James Gbson. Also his photo in another photographers selection, and read the inside story on the snow trip.

Good one Dave. Nice photo selection James.

J said...

Since you checked i put a link for others to follow. It's the second volume and Dave, having borrowed my cameras memory card for some photos of the snowboard trip, stumbled across a few others he liked and asked if he could post which was fine by me. Glad you liked it