Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour 2010!

Earth Hour - Logo
We did our bit for Earth Hour last night and switched off everything but the fridge! It was actually really good just to sit down and chill out with a bottle of wine and some good food, listen to the waves and talk! It's a shame that more people weren't aware of it as most people just went about their Saturday night as normal. It did make us think about how much electricity is wasted not just by large government institutions and the like, but by us too. We'll be taking extra care to 'switch off' whatever is not needed from now.

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David said...

We had the candles going here too.

And I have become more conscious of switching off things not is use. I think I read somewhere that each appliance on standby costs about $NZ50 a year when just on standby. Thinking about how many appliances we have on standby just while we are asleep suggests there is money to be saved here as well as planet earth!