Saturday, October 1, 2011

Test Riding the DY-3 shaped by Taro Taniuchi @ Grace

This board was shaped by Taro Taniuchi @ Grace Surfboards in Kamogawa for Dave Yamaya Pro and is his DY-3 Model. It paddles great and feels really solid and smooth when you push it hard on rail turns. I got a lot of confidence in the equipment riding this board and had a lot of fun surfing it!

Huge thanks to Dave for both the photos and lending me his boards to try out and use this weekend in the local K-SOS Contest. Mahalo to Taro Taniuchi @ Grace Surfboards, too!!


dave yamaya said...

glad you liked the board. I guess I used up too much of the "magic" though. sorry. wish I could've seen your R2 heat.

J said...

Not the board. I was all outta sync all day in the onshore conditions. Just didn't adapt.... Learning experience and a fun day as always at the K-SOS in Kamogawa!