Monday, January 3, 2011


 I woke January 2nd to find the swell had built significantly overnight closing out much of the beach, but the point at Maruki had some good lefts on offer. The clean up sets were breaking way out and after watching it a bit and waiting for the lineup to become a little more organized, I paddled out with friends Dave and Junji. We were soon followed by Taro and after enjoying the empty lineup and proving it surfable and manageable were joined by the crowd congregated in the carpark.

 The swell dropped a little and there were some good ones coming through although you had to be selective and a bit lucky in order to find one of the gems. These pictures below are taken after I finished surfing. Apparently the waves pumped in the afternoon, too.

This last photo was one I found from just up the road, same day, same time.

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